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Rockz Ova Lean - Holy Benjaminz

Headshotboyz’s rap-project, from Golf Team Records’ bedroompop compilation! Read, like, etc.!

Zomby airhorn ftw!


Purity Ring - Obedear


   Purity Ring - Obedear

Purity Ring nos regala “Obedear” primer track que podemos escuchar de su álbum debut Shrines que lanzará el próximo 24 de Julio en 4AD.

♩Purity Ring - Obedear

oOoOO - NoWayBack (feat. Butterclock)


   oOoOO - Our Loving is Killing

oOoOO es uno de los sobrevivientes del boom del Witch House del 2010, el próximo 10 de abril saldrá Our Love Is Killing Us en Tri-Angle Records. Aquí está el primer sencillo de ese EP, “NoWayBack” con la voz de Butterclock. Enjoy.

♩ oOoOO - NoWayBack (feat. Butterclock)

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White Birds - Bee Hive

Philly band White Birds hit me up last week with a download of their upcoming limited cassette to promote their fall tour with Asobi Seksu. The four songs are part of a full album scheduled to come out in the not too distant future (and a great indication that the album is going to be excellent). In the mean time, you can soak up the band’s hazy harmonies by streaming/pre-ordering the tape on Bandcamp.

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Weekend - Hazel

“Hazel” is the first track from Weekend’s upcoming Red EP. This song has the familiar power that Weekend usually delivers, but the vocals are a bit sweeter than usual. It’s definitely a hit and a good sign that the rest of the EP is going to slay. Red will be released by Slumberland on September 20th.

new Weekend tune!!

man overboard

motion sickness of a still life vasárnapi Iskola

hoztam füvet.